Saturday, March 20, 2010

The train ride here was just as I thought it would be...long and uncomforatble ..13 hours. Your seat consists of a small cot...six very narrow cots three high with no room for luggage except under the lower bunk ...the floor is very dirty. There is a small table that will hold a small amount...perhaps a few snack items. this room is shared with anyone that has that ticket. Luckily, no one else came this time...

I will just say the bathroom is such that most of us cut off drinking the evening before!

The hotel here is quite decent and on a major street. My room looks out over the street and I have large windows that draw me...The scene below is awesome...hundreds of people on bicycles moving swiftly and silently. I look out over an intersection and to see dozens of riders turning the corner is beautiful!
As the day goes on there are many cars, cabs...honking away. There is music played in the streets.
In this province when we go somewhere the government men provide us with transportation. The various cars or vans are not in the best of condition. Sometimes the driver has a seatbelt but none of the passengers.
We are taken over an hour away to a community hall where the women of the area are gathered to hear Heidi give a lesson on handwashing to prevent spreading of disease and also to cough or blow your nose into piece of fabric....there are not tissues for these people because of the cost.

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