Sunday, March 14, 2010

It is 6 am Monday morning and I finished packing up my room to check out by 7 am. We are leaving on a train to ride 13 hours to Dong Hi. I consider the train primitive...sleeper cars...four to a "room"..narrow mattresses, BAD bathrooms...We took two train trips last year and I did not care for the overnight trips but the day trips are so interesting as you see the countryside and all the places we stop. Our group also has fun being together...going back and forth to each other's rooms! Everyone brings snacks and we share. There is a dining car but I WON'T eat there.

Yesterday, it snowed many inches here in Beijing. Beautiful huge flakes. They have no snow removal machinery. Men are out with shovels clearing parking lots and sides of streets.

We started the day with church and fellowship in Heidi & Ethan's home with around 30 people including beautiful young children. This group meets every week in this home. They cannot have anymore than this because it would call attention to the government. They usually have potluck after this..but when we are here they take us to a restaurant.
I can't really figure it out but this year I am trying just about everything and enjoying it. There are many positive comments as last year I could not do this!

I may have more to say about this later but am sort of rushed right now.

Please check in on my blog as I am able to send this to Jerry and he cuts and pastes this to the blog.

Am not sure how good of internet I will have from Dong do not be concerned if you hear nothing for a few days!

All is well and good here~

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