Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just a short funny story here...We five women had been dropped off at a huge supermarket by Ethan. Shopping for water, crackers etc...with the idea we would take a taxi back to our hotel.
There was a book display set up in the entrance and we began looking at all these books written in Chinese, of course....Found a nice children's book written in Chinese and English. I wanted three and the others wanted some but there were only five. The young man behind the table did not understand English .....all of a sudden was this nicely dressed (suit/wool coat/scarf) standing there helping us...I thought he was another customer..turns out he is the owner and a university professor ...he said he would have more books in the next couple of days.
We inquired on calling a taxi and he said he would take us to our hotel..that he had a van!
We said OK....and thought this was a grand gesture! Another Chinese experience...When we got out to the parking was a big van but just had seating for 2 in the back and the passenger seat was filled with stacks of books as was the back....he worked hard rearranging to empty the seats..showing good humor all the time and of course we were getting a kick out of it also....we took pictures.
Three of us got seats and Diane and Bonnie P sat on piles of books!

His name is Mark and he is so nice..married with a nine year old son. My nine year old grandson, Jack has expressed an interest in a Chinese pen pal so I may try to bring them together....
Another adventure in China!

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