Friday, March 19, 2010

Hi, Just a short note....I am so exhausted and just need to get to bed. It is 10 30...last night was our night on the train and very little/poor sleep....we arrived back in Beijing around 8 30 this am and rushed to this hotel about an hour from Beijing...we are doing work here with 10 orphan/homeless kids...8 boys, two girls ages 12-15. If I had $$$ I would be bringing them home with me....each one is sweeter than the next and what stories their lives have been....they live in a place where often there is no money for food - so they are told this is a fasting is horrible. You should see how they scarfed up the food and water tonight. We will be together until Sunday night and by that time I will really be in a pile of mush. They are very polite...2 cannot see well but no money for glasses. One is somewhat crippled and his name is Steve.
I will write more in the morning....these beds are literally boards with a sheet...I don't know what the others are going to do as they have all had a rough time with the hard mattresses but it hasn't bothered me...I think tonight it will.

This computer has been working grand...

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